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Custom Apparel for CrossFit Journey

CrossFit Journey is a Springfield, MA box that fosters a spirit of community and mutual collaboration. CF Journey’s motto is “Ubuntu”, a South African proverb that means, “I am because we are.” This motto is expressed with everything Journey does; they believe CrossFit is for everyone, and the trainers understand that their individual athletes have individual goals. Journey structures their workouts with their members in mind, helping them achieve those goals with the support of a strong community.


Similar to how CF Journey pushes their athletes, they also love pushing their custom apparel to the max! Journey’s prints provide an excellent example of the potential printing can be to your clothing; sleeves, hoods, chest prints, and back prints will transform an ordinary sweatshirt into a unique piece you’ll never find at a store.  By choosing a consistent color scheme (lots of black, yellow, and grey), CF Journey’s apparel drives home their focus on community spirit. Custom apparel is great for team building, and it reinforces a sense of belonging. The folks at Journey are a blast to work with and know what looks good – and their members wear the CrossFit Journey name with pride!