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New Apparel 2016


alpha broder 2016 apparel expoI recently got back from a tradeshow completely devoted to apparel for screen printing and embroidery. It was a great chance to think about the big picture for 2016’s apparel options. My main takeaway is that apparel manufacturers are taking a less scattershot approach to new styles and colors. There is not a huge volume of new styles coming to market this year but what is headed our way has some really solid potential. Many companies are also working hard to increase the colors available in their most popular style. This is a great move because more colors means more flexibility and better availability with coordinating styles (for example: matching the same fabric in a youth and ladies style).

Hemp is a material that is starting to be used in more items. It’s available in t-shirts, hats, and tote bags. While still a lot less available than cotton or polyester, it’s great to see this becoming a more legitimate option.

hemp t-shirts hats and tote bags


Digital camo fabric in vibrant colors is increasingly popular with athletic teams and businesses. We’re starting to see it on a lot more items than just your classic tee.

digital camo fabric on new apparel


Regular old camo is also increasingly popular. This hoodie features Real Tree camo and a bottle holder in front.

camo hoodie with bottle holder



This is an interesting twist on the classic top. The little lapover stitching on the garment’s bottom left gives it some character and adds an intriguing location for a small, subtle print.

lapover casual t-shirt


Last but not least a look to the past. On the way down to the tradeshow I stopped at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA for some old-school inspiration! Things sure have changed in the past few years but most of the old stuff seems timeless.

old school decorated apparel

old school decorated celtics sweater