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Strategic Plan 2020 – March Update

[Click here if you’re looking for our Staff Highlight of Andrew Stearns.]

In January the whole Webster Ink crew participated in a day-long retreat to create a vision for our work in 2020 and beyond.  Our work started with a group activity and discussion that helped unify the team behind Evan’s proposed core values: Provide Ease of Mind, Respect, Engage with Community, and Foster Creativity.  These values answer the simple questions: “how and why do we do what we do?” They are values we’re proud of and they define Webster Ink’s culture and identity. Each of these words are powerful and we use them as our guideposts when making big decisions or when we find ourselves in uncharted territory.  

To help us bring our day-to-day work at Webster Ink in greater alignment with our core values, we created five high level calls to action, or “Focus Areas.”  These focus areas encompass all of the strategic work our team will embark on this year. At Webster Ink we strive to 1) Have proud and fulfilled employees, 2) Improve customer experiences, 3) Earn sufficient revenue to support our vision, 4) Practice socially and environmentally-friendly operations, and 5) Be a respected community member.  Sounds good, right?

Each employee is working on two focus areas of their choosing. Some quick small changes have already had notable impact and three months later, we are excited to share some of the progress made by these focus area teams!

Staff focused on “Socially and Environmentally-Friendly Operations” started  workplace composting, changed the process for disposing shipping tape, and reduced the amount of paper printed for each job.  Instead of filling one bag of trash each week, it took three full weeks to fill a single bag! 

Staff working to ensure we remain a “Respected Community Member” are busy planning a Webster Ink open house.  Once group gatherings are safe again, we will be very excited to host local friends and clients in our space to print your own t-shirt, check out  trending apparel items, and enjoy locally produced drinks and snacks.

Staff in the “Satisfied Employees” group are working diligently on their goal to improve livability of Webster Ink’s wage/benefit package.  They are exploring how the perks, benefits, bonuses, and wages of our small business might be structured to better compensate employees predictably and transparently as employees take on greater responsibility, celebrate work anniversaries, or improve individual performance.

To support the feasibility of proposed wage and benefit increases, the “Sufficient Revenue to Support Our Vision” group will be implementing a small annual screen printing fee increase.  Click here to read more about it. In addition, Evan is working this month to teach each production team member a new skill. This will provide Andrew, Jimmy, and Emma with an opportunity to take on greater responsibility and will leave more time for Evan to focus on growing revenue through business development, sales, and marketing.

Though challenging, the current global COVID-19 situation may provide us with more time to pursue strategic planning efforts.  We will continue to share exciting updates on our website’s blog. Strategic planning efforts are already bringing our team together in new and creative ways, laying a stronger foundation for Webster Ink and our work with clients, our employees and our wider community.  Stay tuned!