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Earth Consciousness at Webster Ink

One of Webster Ink’s strategic objectives is to increase our earth consciousness and integrate practices that help align our actions with the natural world.  

One strategy we identified to accomplish this objective was to quantify the amount of money we spent last year on eco-friendly and local products, wages, and services.  In 2020, 14% of our apparel spending was on eco-friendly items.  82% of our remaining spending was on local wages, products and services.  We will put our money where our mouth is.  We plan to use this information to identify opportunities to shift our spending to eco-friendly and/or local options.   

Another step we recently took to accomplish this objective was to have an energy audit performed on our screen printing studio.  We were happy to find out that in general, our building is in great condition and notably energy-efficient compared to typical production spaces. There were a few facility upgrade recommendations from that audit which have been completed.