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Bikeyface is a wonderfully illustrated blog that used screen printed t-shirts to strengthen its base of loyal readers and make money to support all the hard work that goes into it. This is a really great substitute for putting banner ads on a blog. Here’s how they did it:

First, they contacted Evan Webster Ink with the idea of selling t-shirts to their community. These weren’t just any t-shirts. One side featured the Bikeyface name printed with highly reflective 3-M vinyl. Not only would this design grab lots of attention, it would keep its wearer a bit safer while on their bike at night. The front design featured an original Bikeyface illustration screen printed with super soft water-based ink. To top it all off the tees were printed on quality colorful combed ringspun cotton t-shirts from American Apparel, the classic 2001 fine jersey t-shirt.

We thought this was a great idea and offered support by answering any questions about the process and giving a price quote. Bikeyface then ran a promotion to pre-sell the t-shirts. That way they got all their fundraising money up front and could order the exact quantity they needed.

Once the pre-sale was over they submitted the order and we took things from there. The screen printed t-shirts came out great and the process was seamless for everyone involved.