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We love working with Farzon A. Nahvi. He’s a supremely talented graffiti artist in New York City. He’s also in med school. So not only are we building good will if we ever need his life-saving skills but we also get the opportunity to screen print his creative designs while we’re at it.

This was our first collaboration. The design originated from a real-life, made-with-spray-paint piece of graffiti art. It features a creature that is part pigeon and part T-Rex. Said creature is spewing hearts into the air. What’s not to love?

The original piece was scanned then edited for use as a screen print. For this project we used water-based ink on really soft, stretchy and comfy tri-blend v-neck t-shirts.

Get in touch with Farzon through his website, Catatonia Threads, if you want to learn more about the tees.