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Remembering our Roots with BHS French T-Shirts

EWI founder Evan Webster, a Brookline High alum, has been printing t-shirts for the high school’s French Trip since the early years.  The program is pretty awesome – it’s a biennial full home-and-away exchange experience for about 25 students. In France, students travel through the Loire Valley castles on their way to see their host brothers and sisters in Angers, France. […]

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boy scout troop wicking screen printed t-shirts

Custom T-Shirt: Troop 6 Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 6 of Brookline, MA recently needed some top quality performance fabric t-shirts. Now if you see a troop venturing through the woods in some snazzy navy blue tees you can bet it’s Troop 6. We screen printed white ink on the front and back to complete the look.  

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steps to success screen printed t-shirt

Custom T-Shirt: Steps to Success

Steps to Success is an organization that quietly makes a big difference in Brookline’s students’ lives. They’ve been hard at work for the past 21 years. A ton of students have gone through their system and recently they decided it was time for a t-shirt – for current and past students! That’s where we came […]

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Custom T-Shirts: Brookline Cross Country Running

I love screen printing tees for Brookline’s cross country running team. I ran with them way back when and am proud to see all their recent success. This year we re-printed some of their classic tees: The first tee is given out to each meet’s “Athlete of the Meet”, the person who goes above and […]

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Custom T-Shirt 117: Brookline Cross Country

I’ve written about a bunch of Brookline Cross Country apparel (check out these t-shirts). This latest design is one of my favorites! It uses three screen printed colors on a solid light grey t-shirt. I like it because it’s simple and bold. Go Warriors!

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Custom T-Shirt 116: Lucy's Bat Mitzvah

Every bat mitzvah has its own unique personality. Neon ink and peace signs were used to bring a retro theme to Lucy’s Bat Mitzvah apparel. We screen printed on the front and back of Soffe cheer shorts for the girls and t-shirts for the guys.

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Custom T-Shirt 115: Warrior Training

The Brookline High School cross-country team has been really really good recently. They run fast at meets, that much is for sure. But, like most things, I think their success is due in large part to their practice and training. We recently screen printed t-shirts to celebrate the training efforts of some of the team […]

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Bleached and Screen Printed T-Shirt!

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when I began brewing a batch of beer in the kitchen. This is not how most of my blog posts on here start. But it was during this brewing session that I managed to get a bunch of common household bleach splattered all over one of my favorite tees […]

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Recycled Packaging and Screen Printing Platens

One of the secrets to screen printing is having the right platens (pallets). These are the flat boards that t-shirts are pulled over for screen printing. They help hold the t-shirt in place and make screen printing much much easier and quicker. For a basic t-shirt you only need a basic platen. But certain items […]

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