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Custom T-Shirt 118: The Civil Slingers

The Civil Slingers are a rock band based in Boston, MA. And like all rock bands, they needed some really sweet merchandise. They had some great artwork to use and we took it from there to make a variety of screen printed items. We screen printed t-shirts, fabric to hang on walls, and posters.

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 58: Stay Puft

Stay Puft is a local Boston music production company. They recently put on a party in Downtown Boston. Pete and Nat wanted some t-shirts to wear to their party. And they wanted them to be big and bold. We screen printed the same logo in two opposite colorways. One has bright white ink on a […]

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Roadtrip: Chicago

Last weekend I headed to Chicago for another epic “Libby Family Reunion”. Libby was my great-grandmother and family matriarch. Every bunch of years all of her descendants meet up for good times. This year we even had an amazing multi-generational impromptu zumba class! I also took some photos in the city and figured I’d share some images […]

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