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Custom T-Shirt: Bikeyface

My favorite part of running a business is coming across other awesome businesses and organizations. The most recent example of this is meeting Bekka from Bikeyface. I love biking and Bikeyface is by far my favorite blog on the subject. It combines great line art and witty and practical messages. I would have never come […]

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 67: VisibilitY

The VisibilitY line was an experiment to test the boundaries of screen printing with reflective ink. The idea was to make a running t-shirt that was functional and fun to wear. To accomplish this we screen printed a design with reflective ink on performance wicking t-shirts. Most reflectivity on shirts these days come from strips of […]

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Visibility: Tags

Recently at Evan Webster Ink we’ve gotten into the high performance market. With the help of some dry-wick fabric and reflective ink our ‘Visibility’ shirts are ready keep you stylish and safe on a night jog or bike ride (check out the store to check out styles and buy one!). We also started working on […]

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 43: Beyond All Reach Cosmos

The first screen printed t-shirts for local college student / entrepreneur Drew were a hit. When he came back with a new order I wasn’t surprised to see the bar had been raised. This most recent design, which I’ved dubbed “Cosmos”, uses red ink and reflective grey ink to create a striking, attention-grabbing and unique […]

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