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Custom T-Shirt: Bikeyface

My favorite part of running a business is coming across other awesome businesses and organizations. The most recent example of this is meeting Bekka from Bikeyface. I love biking and Bikeyface is by far my favorite blog on the subject. It combines great line art and witty and practical messages. I would have never come […]

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Custom T-Shirt: Groundwork UFOS

We recently screen printed some hand-drawn artwork, which always makes projects fun. The art for this specific project was made a while ago and so it felt even more special to finally get it printed on t-shirts. This also was a great project because it helped support some of the great work that Groundwork Somerville […]

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 73: Groundwork Somerville Bandanas

Groundwork Somerville recently hosted groups of Tufts student volunteers for a service day in Somerville. To show their appreciation of these students they ordered a unique product, screen printed bandanas. The tough part was finding a color combination and design that was fun and attention grabbing, but conveyed Groundwork’s serious and important commitment to the […]

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 68: Maple Syrup Project 2012

Groundwork Somerville’s annual Maple Syrup Project is coming up! It’s a fantastic event which begins with the tapping of local (no, seriously local: Medford and Somerville) sugar maples. It culminates with a three-day boildown, the process of turning sap into delicious, thick maple syrup. This year Groundwork held an open design competition for their t-shirt’s main […]

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Shop Visit: The Grand Store

Thinking about some retail therapy this summer? Maybe you’ve seen the SQRZ shirts around and don’t know where to find them? A nice little shop in the Somerville area is Grand, a huge supporter of its local community and designers. Grand is a retailer specializing in contemporary home furnishings, apparel, and gifts. Located at 374 […]

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