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Bleached and Screen Printed T-Shirt!

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when I began brewing a batch of beer in the kitchen. This is not how most of my blog posts on here start. But it was during this brewing session that I managed to get a bunch of common household bleach splattered all over one of my favorite tees […]

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Custom T-Shirt Diary 76: Brookline Teen Center

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teen, I wanted to be heard. The teens at the recently launched Brookline Teen Center will certainly be seen and heard with their new Evan Webster Ink tees. We screen printed black ink on bright tees: safety green, safety orange and light turquoise. The Brookline Teen Center […]

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You're a designer (didn't you know?)

Have an idea for how your design should look? Draw a rough sketch! No matter if you aren’t able to make it a final product. We use a vector-based graphic software which is a big help to make clean and crisp graphics. And we love getting a design mock-up, rough or polished. Most importantly, the […]

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