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Dye Sublimation

T-shirts, polos, beanies, and sports jerseys can all be made using the dye sublimation print method. Let’s see what affects their price.

  1. Item cost. Using a more expensive item, such as a hoodie, will result in a higher per piece cost than using a cheaper item, say a beanie. This is because our price quotes include the blank apparel being used for your project.
  2. Quantity. More items being dye sublimated results in a lower cost per item.
  3. Size of design. Dye sublimation is done using special inks and transfer paper. The bigger the design, the more expensive the printing becomes. For example, a print over the entire face of a t-shirt (which is possible with dye sublimation) is more expensive than a small design on a beanie or scarf.

To help you save money with your dye sublimation product we find the best value blanks for your needs and identify the ideal dye sublimation quantity. We’d love to chat with you about all this dye sublimation printing. Give us a call (802 222 0344) or email.