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Embroidery pricing for apparel like hats and beanies is based on mutiple factors:

  1. Size of design. The size of your embroidered design or logo is the biggest factor for pricing. The bigger your design the more expensive embroidery is. For example, the full back of a jacket is going to cost significantly more than a hat.
  2. Quantity. The number of items being embroidered is a factor in pricing (although it’s not as significant as screen printing). The more items being embroidered, the lower the cost per item.
  3. Image preparation. Embroidery machines are amazing. They take a digital file and automagically are able to sew thread in a design pattern based on that file. The machines do, however, require a very specific type of file. It’s called .DST file. We’re happy to use yours (at no charge) if you have one. If you need one made, however, the charge is based on the design size and is generally around $40. This is a one-time fee!
  4. Item cost. Different items cost different amounts. Jackets cost more than hats (in general). Even within the general hat, beanie, or jacket category there is a wide amount of price variation depending on style and brand. Our price quotes include the blank apparel being used for your project.

We help you save money on screen printing by finding the best value apparel for your needs and identifying the ideal embroidery quantity. We’d love to chat with you about all this. Give us a call (802 222 0344) or email.